Terms of use

The purpose of the website
The “Digitize” /”Digitize Studio” website’s purpose is to provide graphic design , websites development and web hosting services. The website owner may change and/or add, areas of practice and/or services at his discretion. This terms of use document creates a binding agreement between the user of the website and the owners of the website.


The user – any person and/or legal entity that uses the website.The website –the domain http://www.studiodigitize.com The owner and/or the service provider – Doron Berman – doron@studiodigitize.comTerms of use – this document includes all of its clauses.


The headings in this document are for convenience only and will not be used to interpret the Agreement. These terms of use documents include, among others, clauses regarding copyright, privacy, prohibited uses, etc. Please read this document carefully. The user agrees, by the action of using/browsing the website, to all of the terms of use. The user declares that he/she is above 18 years old, and if not, he/she have their parent or legal guardian permission to use the website. By the action of using/browsing the website, the user declares that he/she understood and agreed to all the terms and conditions.

Terms of privacy

The owner of the website collects contact information with the consent of the users – name and/or e-mail address and/or telephone number. This is in order to add them to a mailing list, to convey news about the website, or to send marketing or advertising information that may be of interest to these users. If you do not wish to be included in the list, or if your contact information was inadvertently entered in the mailing list, a removal message (rejection message) must be sent to the address doron@studiodigitize.com Or click on the “Remove” link at the bottom of the email/newsletter sent. The owners of the website will not save, will not transfer to another, and/or will not make any other use of the credit information of the buyers other than collecting the payment for the purchase of the product and/or service. The full privacy policy appears in a separate document. In any case of Inconsistency or contradiction between the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy the provisions of the Full Privacy Policy will prevail. Intellectual propertyThe intellectual property on the website – including but not limited to – trademarks, designs, logos, databases, texts, images, trade secrets, or any other intellectual property, belong to the owners of the website, or to a third party who has authorized their use or display on the website. Unless otherwise stated. The website user does not have permission and license to use these properties unless written permission has been obtained from the website owners. The user undertakes not to use the name of the website or its contents in any way that could mislead, damage the reputation, create eye theft, or in any other way that could cause financial or other damage to the website owners. The website contains links that link to external websites (hereinafter ‘external websites’) that are not owned by the website owners and are not under its control. The intellectual property in external websites is owned by a third party and the website owners have no right to them. The implementation of the links on the website does not in fact permit or approve any action in relation to intellectual property assets on the external websites. If you have found the websites to which the links point as offensive or in violation of the law, please let the website owners know as soon as possible at doron@studiodigitize.com


The owners of the website, or a third party who has authorized their use of the website, are the rights holders of the work that appears on the website- among other things – in texts, images, sound clips, designs, or collections. No use may be made of this content unless written permission has been obtained from the website owners. The owner of the website has received permission to display/use images and other works on the website. If you identify an infringement, please contact us at doron@studiodigitize.com and the website owner will inquire and settle the matter immediately. The owner of the website does not own the copyright in the content that appears on external websites that are referred to from links embedded in the website. Therefore, the owners of the website have no responsibility for violations and/or infringements, if any, on external websites. If you come across a link from the website to an external website that infringes copyright, please contact the website owners at doron@studiodigitize.com to remove the link. In addition, the website may contain advertisements originating from companies and/or businesses that are not owned and/or under the control of the website owner. The website owner has no responsibility for the content of these advertisements. If you come across an offensive advertisement and/or an advertisement that violates the law in any way, please contact the website owners at doron@studiodigitize.com.

Availability of the website

The website owners do their best to make the website work properly and be available for continuous browsing. However, there is no obligation on the part of the website owners that the website will operate at all times. There may be disruptions in the availability and/or viewing and/or browsing of the website which may result from website updates and/or infrastructure works, and/or malfunctions in the user’s personal computer, his internet supplier, external server, or his browsing infrastructure. There may also be malfunctions resulting from the website’s hosting service, hacking, or other factors. Website owners will make their best effort to notify in advance of planned browsing interruptions but are not obligated to do so. The owners of the website reserve the right to stop or change the activity of the website without prior notice.


The website is hosted on a server that is secured by an external company. The owners of the website are not responsible for damage that will be caused as a result of external hacking of the website – among other things – distribution and/or sale of information and/or data as a result of hacking of the website, disruption of information, copyright infringement or other intellectual property, or any other damage caused by the website and its contents.
The owners of the website are not responsible for the content of external ads (images/links or any other media) that may appear and/or be embedded on the website or for the content and/or information that appears on the websites to which the links lead. The website owners do not monitor or test all the content on the websites to which the links point.
If you come across an ad / offensive link or one that refers to a website with offensive content, please notify the website owners at link doron@bermandigital.co.il and we will do our best to settle the matter as soon as possible.
The owner of the website publishes articles, opinions, shares professional knowledge, etc. on the website from time to time. (Hereinafter “the Blog”). What is said on the blog is at the sole discretion of the website owner and for review purposes only. The blog’s content should not be considered professional advice and/or a recommendation and/or guidance and is not a substitute for these. In addition, there may be errors and/or inaccuracies and/or a situation where the content of the blog will not be up to date. The owner of the website will not be liable for any damage caused to the user due to reliance on what is stated on the blog and will not be liable to the user for such reliance. The owner of the website recommends that users contact for personal and tailored advice.

Prohibited uses of the website

No action may be taken directly and/ or by a third party and/or by an automatic digital system, which may impair and/or damage the website, its browsing availability, or the content displayed on it, or disrupt its operation. The user undertakes not to use software code or any other electronic/digital device such as a virus or ‘worm’ for the purpose of damaging the website and or extracting and/or retrieving and/or using information and/or any other data from the website. The user is not allowed to make any commercial use of the site, except for the purchase of a product or service offered. The user is not allowed to perform any action that may infringe on the privacy of other users of the website

User liabilities

The user has the sole responsibility for any damage caused as a result of a violation of one or more clauses of the terms of use agreement, and he/she will indemnify the owners of the website for any financial or other damage caused as a result of a violation of the terms of use agreement.
Changes and updates to the website
The owner of the website reserves the right to update the website’s terms of use from time to time and as necessary. The owner will not be obliged to update the users on changes in the terms of use, it will be valid from the moment it is changed, and it will be the one that obliges the users.

Governing law and jurisdiction

The law applicable to any dispute regarding these terms of use will be the Israeli law and the exclusive and unique jurisdiction in any matter concerning these terms of use will be the court in Tel Aviv.